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We've worked with everyone from global brands to your local pub

Lyne who?

Lyne Technologies are a small network of developers and designers who love their craft.

We have several in-house projects, and many have gone on to be fully-fledged businesses. Alongside our passion projects, we work with many different clients to help build their vision, from systems to help speed up and lower the cost of production and management to SaaS products that get used worldwide.

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MVP > Start Up > SME > Limitless

Development is required from day one with all online businesses, and we’re proud to say clients that use us from MVP and start-up stage continue to use us as they grow to dizzy heights, this is because of our belief in providing the highest quality service.

Running on a low budget? Not a problem, most ideas and new businesses don’t have large seed money, and you don’t need it with us. So let’s get the ball rolling!

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